The LAVA EMS Scheme

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The LAVA EMS Scheme

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The LAVA Extramural Study (EMS) Scheme


In 1988, LAVA established a scheme to support veterinary students wishing to 'see practice' with veterinarians working in laboratory animal science and medicine, as part of their extramural studies.

The aim of the scheme is to stimulate an interest in and awareness of laboratory animal science amongst vet students and to promote consideration of a career in the field.

A recent student on the EMS scheme wrote about her experiences during her placement, and found the scheme to be very rewarding and eye-opening. You can read her article here:
"Care of laboratory animals – not your typical EMS placement"
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About the Scheme

One week placements are arranged at a variety of 'Licensed Establishments' under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 throughout the UK and Ireland. . The scheme is aimed at students in their 4th and 5th year at UK veterinary school. These placements are normally eligible to count towards the RCVS’s 26 weeks clinical EMS requirement and is considered to be "non-general practice".

We very much advise that vet students in their pre-clinical years seek out opportunities to spend time in their University’s Biological Services Units to gain first-hand experience of the husbandry of laboratory animals, but this falls outside the LAVA EMS scheme.

Students accepted on to the Scheme are reimbursed for all reasonable expenditure incurred for accommodation, food and travel up to a maximum of £300. In return, as a condition of acceptance, students are asked to complete a questionnaire after their period of seeing practice. The questionnaire is designed to monitor the success of the placement and to highlight any areas where improvements to the Scheme could be made.

Applications are accepted from veterinary student at non UK vet schools. However, these applications will only be considered should not all places be filled.

More Information

Potential applicants wanting to find out more are strongly advised to visit the following websites for background information...

Understanding Animal Research
Home Office - Research and Testing Using Animals
RCVS Guidance for Named Veterinary Surgeons


Here are some comments from former students that have undertaken placements on the LAVA EMS Scheme...

"My placement under the LAVA EMS-scheme was a massive eye-opener. Despite being a final year vet student, I had no idea what the NVS actually did and the true nature of animal testing. The host was especially generous with her time, willingness to educate me and words of wisdom."

"I really enjoyed my placement and would whole heartedly recommend the scheme to fellow students. I started my week with a very narrow idea of the role of the NVS and was surprised to see the large and varied tasks that make up the role."

"This experience showed me that there are more ways to be a vet than just working in a clinic."

"This is a really great scheme - it gave me an opportunity to do something I would never otherwise have been able to do and I gained a lot from it."

"It was great. I am really glad that I did it."

"...everyone was very generous with their time and always willing to answer questions."

How to Apply

All applicants should first carefully read the information on this page, and follow the 'more information' links above. To apply for a placement on the scheme, fill out the application form available from the link below and return it to the email address on the bottom of the form. Your application will need to be countersigned by the veterinary school staff member responsible for extra mural study arrangements at your University.
Application Form EMS.doc
LAVA EMS Application Form
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If you would like more information about the Scheme and what it entails, or if you represent a research establishment that would like to offer placements on the Scheme, please contact us using the email address on the application form.

If you are a student, why not consider becoming a student member of LAVA? See the 'Join LAVA' post in the 'Public Area' of the forum.
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