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Vetsnet - "Building a Better Profession"

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:01 am
by PLF
Vetsnet is a recently-launched and developing website which aims to be the go-to site for all non-clinical needs of the veterinary profession, and includes the following pages:
  • News and Views: to summarise challenges and changes faced by the profession
  • Engage: forums encouraging feedback from all those involved in the provision of veterinary services
  • Vetsupport: to summarise and signpost psychological, financial and employment help available
  • Vetsports: to create a social sporting community through blogs and a sports-app based club
  • Vetsmums: to create a social community for those taking a break from practice, including the development of ‘keep in touch’ newsletters summarising changes to drugs/diseases/treatment trends to aid transition back into practice after an extended break.
The site is administrated through a non-profit social enterprise, Vetsnet CIC. All content is free access, but members must register to post on forums, or receive newsletters.

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