RSPCA Ethical Review Resources and AWERB-UK Output

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RSPCA Ethical Review Resources and AWERB-UK Output

#1 Post by PLF » Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:34 am

The RSPCA is a long-standing advocate of ethical review bodies and was instrumental in their introduction. The RSPCA believe that, as an adjunct to the Home Office, they can significantly reduce the impact of science on animals and make a very positive contribution to animal welfare, and so have produced a number of resources to help the development and operation of AWERBs and other bodies engaged in ethical review. These resources are available from this page at the RSPCA website.

The RSPCA convened a meeting of UK organisations actively involved in AWERB-related activities in May 2015. "AWERB-UK" was a follow-up meeting jointly convened by the RSPCA, Institute of Animal Technology, Laboratory Animal Science Association and Laboratory Animals Veterinary Association. The meeting included presentations, workshops addressing AWERB tasks, and sessions held by each of the convening bodies and the Establishment Licence Holders' Forum. The meeting summary is available from the RSPCA website and also from the link below:
AWERB-UK Summary Output
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